Focus Licensing Ltd. was formed in 2015 as part of the expansion and diversification plan of the Focus Group.

Focus Licensing Ltd. specializes and concentrates on Brand Management and Intellectual Property Licensing. Headed by a team of professionals with wealth of experiences in the licensing and promotion industry, including interaction with the likes of Disney, Warner Bros., Hasbro, Universal, FOX, Sony Creative, Pepsi, Mini Copper, Paul Frank, Doraemon, just to name a few. Focus Licensing Ltd. is well position to enhance collaborations with leading international brands and our partners.

Our primary mission is to boost brand awareness and sales for our in-house brands, including “ANDOX & BOXTM”, created by Mr. Andy Lau himself during location filming in May, 2007. Leveraging on the success of numerous movies from the Group including “ Our Times (我的少女時代)” recording over US$80 million gross in worldwide box office, developing movie IPs is also one of our key focuses. Together with a much anticipated full feature animation movie produced by the Group which will be released in 2018, we are confidence that our movie IPs will create another commercial success for the Group.

Focus Licensing also offers a One-Stop consultancy platform to upcoming and existing brands, providing:

Strategic analysis and business planning
Brand architecture
Competitive landscape analysis
Program implementation by a team of Sales and Marketing professionals
Advice on optimization in business deal terms and contract language

Talk to us with your new ideas! For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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