HERO Highlight Media  


Action Drawing HERO is an innovative Korean Art performance with non verbal stage performance offering audience laughter and entertainment through live drawings. Having staged more than 2600 shows in Korea and overseas to fascinate audience across the world, the performance recently won 2012 Korea In Motion Award - Best Non-Verbal Performance.  A group of 4 inspiring Korean Artists who perform in free hand style without sketching on huge boards higher than 2m to draw various HERO portraits by using various drawing techniques, dance, music, mixed with 3D special effects and audience participation. Their unique skills create a thrilling performance of art in motion.  

Action Drawing HERO created by performers who are originally actors and dancers.  They believe monotonous type of stage performance cannot spark the audience.  They need to add new elements in the program.  The creator combines acting, dancing and drawing into the show.  All the actors who are originally novices in drawing have spent at least 6 months tough training to become master-hands.

Everyone has their own idol hero. Throughout this fantastic 85- minute performance, HERO will use special drawing techniques resonating with music to present portraits of world renowned heroes such as Bruce Lee, Superman, Michael Jackson, and even historic legends of three kingdoms: Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Liu Bei.

Unprecedented eye-catching highlights of this performance include animated 3D drawings, the creation of artwork using over 200 Rubik’s Cubes (Cube Art), dust drawing, marbling art and light drawings.  These mind- blowing skills and special effects will take audience to extraordinary entertaining experience beyond their imagination.

Action Drawing Hero embodies and shares the joyful, awe-inspiring of innovative works of art with the audience. The show not only creates a new type of performing art in Korea but also the world entertainment arena. It can fascinate audience in all generations and cultures.

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